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Terms of Use

Please read these terms of use carefully before using the site. These Terms of Use constitute an agreement between Lite Source, Inc. (Lite Source, we, us) and you. We recommend that you print out a copy of these Terms of Use for your records.

By using this site, you affirm that you are able and legally competent to agree to and comply with these Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use or if you are not legally competent to agree to them, then you may not use this website.

You must be at least age 13 to use this website. By using this website, you affirm that you are over age 13. If you are under age 13, you may not access or use this website.

If you are a parent or guardian that provides consent to your child’s registration with and use of this website, you agree to be bound by these terms in respect of such child’s use of this website.

Lite Source intends for the information and data contained in this website to be accurate and reliable. However, due to the fact that the information and data are gathered from many sources, you expressly agree that your use of this website and any information contained therein is at your sole risk.

Please note that these Terms of Use contain provisions that govern the resolution of claims between Lite Source, Inc. and you. Please see the Legal Disputes section for complete details.

No waiver of any provision or any breach of this Terms of Use agreement will constitute a waiver of any other provisions or further breach. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is determined to be illegal or unenforceable, the remainder of the Terms of Use agreement shall continue to be fully valid, binding, and enforceable. These Terms of Use set forth the entire agreement between you and Lite Source with respect to use of this website and supersede any prior agreements between you and Lite Source relating to such subject matter. The Terms of Use are not assignable, transferable or sublicensable by you except with Lite Source’s prior written consent. No waiver by either party of any breach or default hereunder will be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding or subsequent breach or default. No agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-employer or franchiser-franchisee relationship is intended or created by these Terms of Use. A printed version of these Terms of Use and of any notices given in electronic form will be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to these Terms of Use to the same extent, and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form. The parties agree that all correspondence relating to these Terms of Use must be written in the English language.

Changes and Updates to the Terms of Use

Lite Source, Inc. reserves the right, at any time, to change these Terms of Use, our Privacy Policy and/or this website. Your use of this website following any such change constitutes your agreement to follow and be bound by the Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy as revised. The revised Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy supersede all previous versions, notices or statements regarding this website. If we request, you agree to sign a non-electronic version of these Terms of Use.

Intellectual Property Rights

This website contains trademarks, images, text, graphics, buttons, screenshots, music, digitally downloadable files, and other content or material (collectively, the “Site Content“), are the sole and exclusive property of Lite Source. Unauthorized copying or usage of Site Content is prohibited without the written consent of Lite Source.

Social Media Tag Usage

by using #lite sourceathome, @lite source and any other similar social media tag in any way related to any of the sites, each user agrees to provide lite source with an unrestricted, irrevocable, royalty-free, perpetual, fully paid-up, transferable, worldwide license to use the uploaded image(s) in any and all marketing materials, on sponsor’s websites, and through all social media channels. each user represents and warrants that uploaded images do not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party, including, but not limited to, copyrights and trademark rights.

Acceptable Use

You agree that you will not violate or attempt to violate the security of this website. Violations of system or network security may result in civil or criminal liability. Lite Source reserves the right to investigate occurrences which may involve such violations and may involve and cooperate with, law enforcement authorities in prosecuting users who have participated in such violations.


The receipt of an order number or an email order confirmation does not constitute the acceptance of an order or a confirmation of an offer to sell. Lite Source reserves the right, without prior notification, to limit the order quantity on any item and/or to refuse service to any customer. Verification of information may be required prior to the acceptance of an order. Prices and availability of products on this website are subject to change without notice. Errors will be corrected when discovered and Lite Source reserves the right to revoke any stated offer and to correct any error, inaccuracy, or omission (including after an order has been submitted). Lite Source reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse or cancel any order for any reason. Your account may also be restricted or terminated for any reason, at Lite Source’s sole discretion.

Links to Other Websites

This website may contain links to third-party websites that are not under Lite Source’s control. Lite Source makes no claim and accepts no responsibility regarding the quality, nature or reliability of these third-party websites that are accessible by hyperlinks from this website or other links to this website. Lite Source provides these links to you as a convenience and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Lite Source. You are responsible for viewing and abiding by the privacy statements and terms of use posted at these third-party websites.

Communications with Lite Source

For all communications made to or with Lite Source, including but not limited to feedback, questions, comments, suggestions and the like: (i) you will have no right to confidentiality in your communications and Lite Source will have no obligation to protect your communications from disclosure; (ii) Lite Source will be free to reproduce, use, disclose and distribute your communications to others without limitation; and (iii) Lite Source will be free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how, content or techniques contained in your communications for any purpose whatsoever, including, but not limited to, the development, production and marketing of products and services that incorporate such information.


You agree to indemnify and hold Lite Source, its employees, and its agents harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of (a) your use of this website, (b) your violation of these Terms of Use or (c) your violation of any rights of another user.

Limitation on Liability

In no event will Lite Source or its officers, managers, employees, agents, subsidiaries, distributors, affiliates or third parties providing information on this site or via other channels, including but not limited to phone and email, be liable to any user of this website or any other person or entity for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, loss of data or loss of use) arising out of the use or inability to use this website or any information contained therein, including user content, whether based upon warranty, contract, tort, or otherwise, even if Lite Source has been advised of or should have known of the possibility of such damages or losses.

You hereby acknowledge that the preceding limitation on liability will apply to all content, merchandise and services available through Lite Source.

Legal Disputes

You and Lite Source agree to give up any rights to litigate claims in a court or before a jury or to participate in a class action or representative action with respect to a claim.

Any dispute between you and Lite Source, its agents, employees, officers, directors, principals, subsidiaries or affiliates (collectively for purposes of this section, ‘Lite Source‘) arising from or relating to these Terms of Use and their interpretation or the breach, termination or validity thereof, the relationships which result from these Terms of Use, including disputes about the validity, scope or enforceability of this arbitration provision (collectively, “TOU Disputes“) will be settled by binding arbitration. Prior to initiating any arbitration, the initiating party will give the other party at least 60-days’ advanced written notice of its intent to file for arbitration. Lite Source will provide such notice by e-mail to your e-mail address on file with Lite Source and you must provide such notice by e-mail to Lite Source.

During such 60-day notice period, the parties will endeavor to settle amicably by mutual discussions any TOU Disputes. Failing such amicable settlement and expiration of the notice period, either party may initiate arbitration. Any in-person appearances will be held at a location mutually agreed upon by you and Lite Source, or, in the absence of such agreement, at a location determined by the arbitrator. The arbitrator will have the power to grant whatever relief would be available in court under law or in equity and any award of the arbitrator(s) will be final and binding on each of the parties and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. Arbitrator will apply applicable law and the provisions of these Terms of Use and the failure to do so will be deemed an excess of arbitral authority and grounds for judicial review. Lite Source and you agree that any TOU Disputes hereunder will be submitted to arbitration on an individual basis only. Neither Lite Source nor you are entitled to arbitrate any TOU Disputes as a class, representative or private attorney action and the arbitrator(s) will have no authority to proceed on a class, representative or private attorney general basis. If any provision of the agreement to arbitrate in this section is found illegal or unenforceable, the remaining arbitration terms shall continue to be fully valid, binding, and enforceable. These Terms of Use and related transactions will be subject to and governed by the Federal Arbitration Act, 9 U.S.C. sec. 1-16 (FAA) and, where otherwise applicable, by the laws of the State of California.


Your ability to access and use of this website remains in effect until terminated in accordance with these Terms of Use. You agree that Lite Source, in its sole discretion, may terminate your account and your use of this website if Lite Source believes that you have violated or acted inconsistently with these Terms of Use or for any other reason. Lite Source also may in its sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing this website, or any part thereof, with or without notice. You agree that any termination of your access to this website may be effected without prior notice and you acknowledge and agree that Lite Source may bar any further access to this website. Further, you agree that Lite Source will not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of access to this website.

The provisions of the Intellectual Property Rights, Social Media Tag Usage, Acceptable Use Policy, Indemnity, Limitation of Liability, Legal Dispute sections, together with and any other rights and obligations which by their nature are reasonably intended to survive such termination, will survive the termination of your ability to access and use this website.


Lite Source periodically schedules system downtime for this website for maintenance and other purposes. Unplanned system outages also may occur. You agree that Lite Source has no responsibility and is not liable for: (a) the unavailability of all or any part(s) of this website; (b) any loss of data, information or materials caused by such system outages; (c) the resultant delay, mis-delivery or non-delivery of data, information or materials caused by such system outages; or (d) any outages caused by any third parties, including any companies or servers hosting this website, any Internet service providers or otherwise.

International usage

This website is intended for users who reside in the United States of America. Lite Source makes no representations or warranties that this website or any materials contained in them are valid, appropriate or available for use outside of the United States. If you access and use this website outside the United States, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws. Lite Source reserves the right to limit the availability of this website and/or the provision of any service, program or other product described thereon to any person, geographic area or jurisdiction, at any time and in our sole discretion.